Albuquerque Truck Accident Lawyer

It can be a little daunting sharing the road with truckers because of the sheer size of semitrailers. Commercial truck drivers — and other drivers who share the roads with them — know that a momentary driving mistake can lead to a motor vehicle accident.

If you are in a tractor-trailer accident that causes you or a loved one to suffer serious or fatal injuries, seek the assistance of an experienced truck accident lawyer.

Experienced And Aggressive Legal Representation For Truck Accident Victims

At Martinez, Hart, Thompson & Sanchez, P.C., our attorneys have more than 85 years of combined legal experience helping personal injury victims recover from accidents in New Mexico. Navigating your way through the legal process can be overwhelming, and we can help you.

Many truck accidents are caused by violations of federal laws and regulations, such as inadequate driver training, brake inspections, drivers’ rest time, vehicle inspection or maintenance. Critical evidence of the cause of such an accident disappears quickly, requiring that you act right away in order to preserve your legal rights to compensation.

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