Construction Accidents

Construction sites contain numerous hazards. Controlling these hazards to prevent serious injuries is the responsibility of the company overseeing the worksite, who must make sure workers have what they need to safely perform tasks. Construction companies must also make sure people passing by the site are kept safe and secure.

When the proper safety measures aren’t taken, life-threatening injuries may occur. In this case, filing a personal injury or workers’ compensation claim can help accident victims recover from injuries.

Why Construction Accidents Occur

Construction sites entail the use of heavy-duty equipment, including forklifts, backhoes, and lifts. If this equipment malfunctions, there is a high risk of crush injuries and other catastrophic occurrences. Falls are also a common hazard on worksites. Working on a roof or atop a ladder can lead to devastating injuries depending on the height of the fall.

Working from great heights also entail other risks, including the risk of dropping an object on the ground below. Even when workers are wearing hard-hats, it may not be enough to prevent damage caused by a falling object. Other potential risks include respiratory diseases caused by inhalation of dust and fumes, overexertion, explosions, and collapse of scaffolding and other structures.

Legal Remedies for Construction Accidents

Legal remedies vary depending on who the injured party is:

  • Non-Workers – Non-workers injured when passing by construction sites can freely file personal injury claims alleging negligence. You may be able to bring a personal injury claim for acts of negligence at a construction site that cause injury, including damages for medical expenses, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, loss of household services, and lost wages..
  • Construction Workers – Workers injured on construction sites typically file for worker’s compensation. In many instances, it’s not possible to file a personal injury suit against an employer for acts of negligence. However, if your employer caused you intentional harm or failed to have the proper worker’s compensation insurance (which is mandatory in New Mexico) you may be entitled to a personal injury claim against your employer.

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