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New Mexico truck accident kills eight, injures more than 30

A recent accident has rocked the Albuquerque area. If you've been following the news at all, then you've probably heard about the wreck involving a semi-truck and a Greyhound bus that left eight people dead and more than 30 people injured. Reports indicate that the wreck occurred when one of the semi-truck's tires blew out, causing it to swerve across the median and into oncoming traffic. It was at that time that the semi-truck smashed into the bus.

The aftermath of the accident was chaotic, and investigators will probably continue to look into the accident for some time to come. While the initial cause of the accident may seem apparent, that being a sudden and unexpected tire blowout, the truth of the matter may be hidden much deeper.

Albuquerque bike accident shines light on overlooked issue

If you live in Albuquerque, then you know that its warm weather can make it ideal for year-round bicycling. Cyclists can be seen on just about any roadway and at any time of day. Motorists are expected to share the road with these bicyclists, but too often this doesn't happen. The results are often nothing short of tragic.

One of these bicycle accidents recently occurred in Albuquerque when the driver of a truck rear-ended a bicyclist. The driver fled the scene, and law enforcement continues to search for the hit-and-run driver.

Colon cancer misdiagnosis can lead to wrongful death

Cancer is one of those medical conditions that affects the lives and families of countless individuals. We all wish there was a cure for every type of cancer, but the sad reality is that the medical field has not reached that point yet. However, with quick and accurate diagnoses, effective treatment can be possible. In some instances, such treatment can beat cancer. In others, it can extend the life of an individual as well as improve their quality of life. Sadly, however, far too often medical professionals fail to accurately or timely diagnose this condition, resulting in a decreased chance of survival and, sometimes, death.

This is sometimes seen in the case of colon cancer. Generally speaking, individuals over the age of 50 should be screened for the disease on a yearly basis. Those who are more at risk, including those of African-American descent and those who have a family history of colon cancer, should be screened on a yearly basis even earlier. The most common test performed to detect colon cancer is the colonoscopy. Blood tests can also be utilized to detect abnormalities that may be indicative of the presence of colon cancer.

Why are you less worried about car accidents than shark attacks?

Do you have any specific fears that come up in certain situations? Maybe you worry about the risk of a shark attack every time you swim in the ocean. Maybe hiking in the mountains makes you think about bear attacks. Perhaps going outside in a storm makes you very nervous about getting hit by lightning.

It's not that you shouldn't worry about these things. They're all potential reasons for caution in those situations. But what is very interesting is that people are often far more frightened of these risks than they should be, while simultaneously discounting the risks they face every single day.

Standing up for those hurt by hazardous property conditions

Most people who visit friends or social acquaintances do so without fear for their own safety and well-being. Who would worry about it? But, just because you don't expect to be hurt while on the property of another person doesn't mean that you won't be. In fact, many people suffer harm while doing some of the most innocuous activities while visiting with others, such as celebrating a holiday.

The full extent of harm suffered in these cases, whether through a slip-and-fall or due to an attack caused by inadequate lighting or security, can be immense. In addition to the physical pain and suffering that can be inflicted upon a victim, emotional harm can take a toll as well. Making matters worse, these injuries often leave victims facing extensive medical expenses and, when they are unable to work, lost wages. Victims of these types of accidents may be able to recover compensation for their damages.

Failure to diagnose lung cancer results in wrongful death lawsuit

Our society holds doctors and nurses in high esteem for their knowledge, skill and quick thinking that often leads to life-saving interventions. While many medical professionals carry out their duties in a competent fashion, a fair number of them fail to do so at times. A doctor or nurse who negligently conducts care can put patients' lives at risk, as evidenced by one recent wrongful death lawsuit.

According to a recent report, the family of a woman who died from lung cancer filed a lawsuit against the woman's doctors and their medical group for failing to diagnose her medical condition. Records indicate that the woman received a chest X-ray that detected a mass in her lung, but her doctor deemed it a "non-specific density" that was normal. Another doctor who later took up the woman's care failed to consider the X-ray and its implications, and the woman was later diagnosed with lung cancer. She died less than a year later.

Hit-and-run pedestrian accident leaves New Mexico woman dead

Pedestrians in Albuquerque shouldn't have to fear for their lives simply because they are walking to or from work or school, or because they are out for a leisurely stroll. Yet, negligent and otherwise dangerous drivers sometimes put these unsuspecting individuals at risk of harm. Too often the result is a serious pedestrian accident that leaves victims with extensive injuries. In the worst cases, victims are killed.

That was the case recently for one 28-year-old New Mexico woman who was killed in a hit-and-run accident. Reports indicate that the woman, who is fondly remembered by family and friends as being fun, was struck by a car at the intersection of Comanche and Pennsylvania in Albuquerque. The incident left her dead. The 24-year-old driver of that vehicle is currently hospitalized, but he is expected to face criminal charges upon his release.

Injured celebrating Fourth of July? Consider premises liability

Fourth of July celebrations are now over, but some New Mexico residents may still may be feeling the effects of a celebration gone wrong. Although there were several restrictions on the use of fireworks this year, many individuals still celebrated Fourth of July festivities by setting fireworks off. In some instances, the use of these fireworks resulted in unexpected injuries. Those people who have been injured by fireworks may be able to pursue compensation for the damages they have suffered by filing a premises liability lawsuit.

The first step in pursuing one of these claims is to consider the victim's "status" as it relates to the property. For example, if the victim was invited onto the property, then the property owner will be held to a higher standard of care, meaning that it may be easier for a victim to prove the case. In addition to being an invitee, a victim may be classified as a licensee, social guest or a trespasser. The various statuses carry a corresponding duty of care.

Does your landlord refuse to make repairs?

One of the few perks you wanted when you decided to rent a home, rather than buying one, is that you get a landlord who has to do upkeep and make repairs. It takes a lot of work off of your plate. When a pipe bursts or an AC unit breaks down, you do not have to fix it or pay for it.

However, your landlord refuses to make timely repairs. You call. You text. You send emails. You even think about sending a physical letter -- just to get a record in writing, if nothing else. It never works. Your landlord makes excuses, puts the job off or just ignores you.

Car accidents can result in herniated disk

Most car accident injuries are readily apparent. A cut that is bleeding, for example, can be quickly identified and treated by paramedics. The same holds true for broken bones and damage to muscles and tendons, in many cases. Some injuries, however, are more difficult to immediately spot, as their symptoms may not appear until days after the wreck. Whiplash may be the most common of these injuries, but the list certainly doesn't end there.

Another injury that may not present symptoms or be diagnosed until much later is a herniated disk. A "disk" is a jelly-like cushion between two vertebrae. These disks become herniated when the outer, thicker layer tears, thereby causing the cushioning jelly to seep out. This can result in pressure to nearby nerves, as well as numbness and pain in the arms and legs. It can also cause muscle weakness.

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