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What does life look like after a traumatic brain injury?

Traumatic brain injuries - also known as TBIs - are some of the most catastrophic injuries that a person can suffer in an accident of any kind. Typically, these types of serious injuries occur in vehicle collisions, such as truck or motorcycle accidents. But, the injury can occur in other circumstances as well. What they all have in common is that suffering such an injury can leave a New Mexico resident changed for life.

So, what does life look like after a person suffers a TBI? Well, there could be any number of symptoms and consequences. It is obvious to anyone that the brain is the most important part of a person's body. Damage to the brain usually leads to consequences in other parts of the body, as well as a person's emotional and mental state.

Woman in New Mexico killed by drunk driver

We all know that drunk drivers might be on the roads with us, especially during the holiday season. However, none of us are prepared for the worst - actually being involved in a car accident that was caused by a drunk driver. When these types of collisions occur, the results are often deadly.

That was the case in a recent incident. According to reports, a woman from El Paso was killed when she was struck by a drunk driver on November 15. The reports indicate that the collision occurred during the late evening hours, as the woman was pulled over on Interstate 10 awaiting a tow truck. The woman, age 57, was inside of her vehicle at the time of the collision. She was transported for medical treatment, but she died at the hospital. Others in the vehicle with the deceased victim required medical treatment as well.

5 warning signs that a daycare is not safe

You need to find a daycare center where you can trust that your child is safe and secure at all times. Not only do you worry about negligent injuries -- the staff doesn't supervise the children, for instance, and they get into the cleaning supplies -- but you worry that workers may even physically abuse these vulnerable children.

As you search for a center, avoiding this risk should be your top priority. Not money. Not location. Not hours. Safety has to come first.

Know your options when negligent security leads to injuries

When most New Mexico residents think about the circumstances in which a person might pursue a personal injury lawsuit, they probably think of car accident or slip-and-fall cases. However, there is a wide variety of situations that can lead to a person suffering injuries due to another party's recklessness or negligence. Negligent security conditions at a business or an apartment building, for example, is one such circumstance.

There are many locations that are obligated to provide a safe environment for those who enter the premises. Hotels, for instance, must have adequate security conditions on site. Parking garages, shopping malls, nightclubs and multi-unit living facilities are other examples. The property owners of these locations should have adequate lighting in certain areas, and even protection for guests against being the victim of a violent crime.

The legal side of a parent's worst fear: an injury to a child

We all have seen media reports about personal injury lawsuits before, as car accidents and medical malpractice cause thousands of injuries to Americans everywhere each year, including in New Mexico. However, the cases that involve injuries to children are some of the worst. Injuries to children are a parent's worst fear.

Parents in New Mexico trust other individuals with their children's care every day. For most people, the main source of trust is placed in our community's schools. After all, many children spend the vast majority of their time at school, including before and after regular school hours for extracurricular activities. Parents trust the employees at a child's school with the child's well-being.

Car accidents can lead to serious injuries

Broken bones are commonly suffered in car accidents. Depending on the particular bone or bones broken, an individual can experience varying severities of pain and physical limitation. While some broken bones may heal relatively quickly and be more of an inconvenience than anything else, other broken bones can be extremely painful and cause long-term discomfort.

What is an "attractive nuisance"?

Children are perhaps the most vulnerable amongst us. Parents will do just about anything to ensure their children's safety, but sometimes their safety is out of their control. When the negligence of another results in harm to a child, the child's parents may be able to take legal action to pursue accountability and compensation.

One way to do this is to pursue a claim on the legal theory of "attractive nuisance." Generally speaking, the law disallows people from owning things that draw children in and poses a threat to them. When property owners do own these items that are attractive to children, they must take special precautions to ensure child safety. This law seeks to account for the fact that children don't fully comprehend dangers posed to them.

Man seriously injured in hit-and-run accident

When Albuquerque residents think of motor vehicle accidents, they probably envision those that involve two cars or a car and a truck. But, car accidents can take many forms and involve a variety of different vehicles, bicycles and even pedestrians. Those who are without the protections afforded by a motor vehicle, like a car or truck, which might include air bags and structural designs, are often at an increased risk of being injured or killed in one of these crashes. This means that the physical, emotional and financial damages thrust upon them can be crippling.

This may be the case for one man after an accident here in Albuquerque. Reports indicate that the man was driving a scooter when he was struck by another vehicle. The scooter driver was critically injured. The driver of the other vehicle fled the scene, and the police are now asking for the public's help in locating that driver.

3 wrongful death scenarios you may see in your lifetime

A wrongful death is devastating. One person loses the ability to live, but many others are negatively affected. Loved ones, friends and family members all have to handle the sudden shock of losing someone they were close to.

A wrongful death has many effects from putting people in debt to cover expenses to leaving children without a guardian. They happen too often. Here are a few ways a wrongful death might impact you in your lifetime.

Man slips on chile, files premises liability lawsuit

Most Albuquerque residents have been to the grocery store and notice something spilled. Whether it is soda, juice, milk, eggs, sugar or even something like a jar of pickles, these items can create a slippery floor. When unsuspecting customers step on these spills, they can slip and fall, resulting in serious injuries.

This was the case for one man who was injured while in a Santa Fe store, according to a recent report. Since suffering injuries in his fall, the man has filed a premises liability lawsuit. The man claims that he suffered injuries to his neck, shoulder, back and knee after stepping on and slipping on a green chile pod. To support his lawsuit, the man makes a standard premises liability argument, which essentially states that the store failed to take adequate steps to identify the hazard and either remedy it or warn customers of it. This is a standard duty of care that property owners generally owe to those who they invite onto their premises.

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