Pedestrian Accidents

New Mexico is known for its gorgeous weather all year long. Accordingly, pedestrians are frequently found working and playing outside, whether jogging, taking a trip to a local park, or running errands.

Ensuring pedestrians remain safe and secure is the duty of all motorists. However, many drivers unfortunately don’t take this duty seriously, which can have tragic consequences. Striking a pedestrian causes serious injuries, some of which may entail lifelong effects. And in the worst-case scenario, a pedestrian accident can lead to the tragic loss of life.

Common Reasons Why Pedestrian Accidents Occur

While it’s certainly true that pedestrians should be alert and aware when walking in high-traffic areas, motorists must exercise an even greater level of care because the risk of harm is much higher. When reviewing the following common causes for accidents involving pedestrians, driver inattention and negligence is a recurring issue:

  • Failure to make a complete stop. Rolling stops, as they’re commonly called, endanger pedestrians crossing the street at a stop sign. They’re also illegal, as motorists are expected to come to a complete stop in this situation.
  • Failure to yield in crosswalks. Pedestrians must be afforded the right-of-way in crosswalks. Drivers should wait until the road is completely clear before moving forward. This is especially important around schools and parks, where kids congregate.
  • Going over the posted speed limit. Speeding increases the risk of an accident, but it also causes any injuries or property damage to be much worse should an accident occur. The faster a driver is going, the harder it will be to stop should a pedestrian appear suddenly.
  • Not looking when backing out of a parking space. Parking lots are often packed with people going to and from their cars. Drivers must check their rear-view mirror and blind spots before backing out of a space.
  • Driving while distracted. Texting while driving, talking with passengers, eating behind the wheel, adjusting a GPS, and daydreaming are all considered driving distractions. When drivers are distracted, their attention is not on the road.

What to Do If You’ve Been Injured

The first step is to make sure you’re receiving proper medical care for your injuries. Next, you’ll want to speak with an attorney about your case, especially if the damage sustained is particularly severe or debilitating.

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