Bicycle Accidents

Riding a bicycle is good for your health while also being beneficial to the environment. That’s why so many states, including New Mexico, have established laws to protect cyclist riding on streets also shared by passenger vehicles. Despite these laws, many cyclists find themselves the victims of accidents that could have been prevented. And in many cases, these bicycle accidents occur because of the carelessness of motorists.

Martinez, Hart, Sanchez & Romero, P.C. devotes our legal practice to protecting the rights of others. We understand that cyclists are vulnerable on the road, which is why it’s crucial for motorists to pay attention and follow traffic rules. When drivers fail in their duties, devastating injuries, and even loss of life, are a real possibility to cyclists on the road.

Laws Pertaining to Cyclists in New Mexico

Cyclists in this state are subject to the same rights and obligations as all other motor vehicles on the road. In addition to following applicable traffic laws, cyclists must ensure their bicycles are equipped with the right gear and accessories.

When it comes to nighttime riding, bicycles must have a front lamp, which must be visible at a distance of at least five hundred feet, and a rear red reflector, which must be visible at distances ranging from fifty to three hundred feet. All bicycles on the road must also be equipped with a bell or other signaling device and must have working brakes.

Driver Obligations When Sharing the Road With Cyclists

Even when conducting themselves in a safe, secure manner, cyclists still experience issues when drivers are derelict in their duties. Drivers of passenger vehicles have been known to overtake bicycles aggressively or fail to check their blind spots when changing lanes. Right turns can also be problematic, as cyclists are encouraged to stay as close to the right side of the road when traveling with other vehicles. If a driver fails to notice a cyclist going straight when making a right turn, a serious injury is likely to occur.

Distracted driving is another issue that can cause harm to bicyclists. The less attention paid when driving, the greater the chance of an accident. And unlike a minor collision with another vehicle, which might only involve minimal property damage, colliding with a cyclist can cause life-threatening injuries, including death.

Let’s Talk About Your Legal Needs

If you’re a cyclist in New Mexico that has been injured due to driver negligence, our firm is here to help you. We understand the laws governing all motorists and we’ll help you bring together the necessary evidence to establish the careless behavior that led to your injuries.

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