Albuquerque Negligent Security Lawyer

Most people in New Mexico know that if they are injured in car accidents caused by negligent drivers, they can often sue the people responsible for their injuries. What many do not realize is that they also have rights if inadequate security is to blame for other types of injury-causing accidents or situations.

Were You Injured In An Assault Or Accident Caused By Negligent Security?

You may be entitled to compensation after suffering injuries because of a slip-and-fall, tripping down a dark staircase, or an attack or robbery in a poorly lit parking garage. Our experienced negligent security lawyers at Martinez, Hart, Thompson & Sanchez, P.C., can help if you or a family member is injured in a location such as a:

  • Hotel
  • Apartment building or condominium
  • Parking garage
  • Bar, nightclub or dance club
  • Shopping mall, store or restaurant
  • Another location where security should be provided

With over 85 years of combined legal experience, we will guide you through the personal injury recovery process — referred to as a premises liability lawsuit — and help you obtain compensation for lost wages, pain and suffering, loss of future earnings and ongoing medical treatment resulting from your injuries. Victims of crimes may be entitled to civil remedies if they are injured during an assault or another crime if the building owner or business operator fails to implement reasonable and ordinary security measures for the protection of their customers.

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