Texting and Driving

While there are numerous driving distractions to watch out for, texting and driving is among the most serious. In 2018, distracted driving incidents were cited in 2,841 auto fatalities, which includes drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. With texting and driving comes debilitating injuries, lost income, and the lingering emotional effects of a traumatic accident. Many of these people are left with increasing medical bills, lost wages, and a sense of injustice about the accident that occurred. In this case, we’re here to help.

Our team at Martinez, Hart, Sanchez & Romero, P.C. can help you navigate the aftermath of an auto accident with compassionate legal assistance. We are ready to listen and advocate on your behalf to pursue justice for what occurred. 

Why Texting While Driving Is So Dangerous

Taking your eyes away from the road for a few seconds might not seem like a potential hazard. However, consider that a person going 55 mph who takes their eyes off the road for a mere 5 seconds will travel the length of an entire football field in that time. A stopped vehicle, an animal, or a concealed pedestrian can easily appear within those five seconds, and if you’re not paying attention a collision is likely.

There is another reason why texting and driving should be avoided at all costs. There are three different types of distracted driving, which are visual, manual, and cognitive. Texting while driving incorporates all three types into one activity. When you’re composing a text, your mind is on the message and not the road. You’re also removing your hands (manual) from the wheel and your eyes (visual) from the road.

Texting While Driving vs. Drunk Driving

Driving while intoxicated has an impact on your judgement, ability to steer, response time, hand eye coordination, and many other factors. Distracted driving is associated with many of the same effects, which has led many people to make a comparison between the two.

One could also argue that texting while driving is even more dangerous because it doesn’t carry the same stigma as drunk driving. While drunk driving is universally frowned upon, most people have engaged in texting while driving at some point. In fact, some motorists believe they’re “skilled” enough to text and drive, despite all evidence to the contrary.

Where to Turn When Injured by a Distracted Driver

Despite your best efforts to be a safe motorist, you might still find yourself injured by a distracted driver who was texting while driving. If so, Martinez, Hart, Sanchez & Romero, P.C. is happy to sit down with you and discuss your case. We’re not just you law firm, we’re also your neighbors. Our personal injury attorneys will review the facts so they can establish fault and calculate a fair settlement amount.

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