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Car accidents can be complex, especially when three or more vehicles are involved. Multi-vehicle accidents increase the dollar value of property damage, as well as causing injuries to multiple parties. They can also make determining fault more complex since there are likely to be more factors at play. In cases involving multiple vehicles, the at-fault drivers and their insurance companies/defense teams will often try to minimize their responsibility in a disproportionate manner. They will often force you to try to prove the proper proportions of comparative fault in a multi-vehicle accident.

That’s why it’s best to get professional legal assistance after such an accident. Martinez, Hart, Sanchez & Romero, P.C. has provided legal service to accident victims in Albuquerque and throughout New Mexico for more nearly 30 years. We have a reputation for taking the most complex, challenging cases in our profession, including those involving several and multiple vehicles. We are prepared and capable of quickly investigating and evaluating complex multi-vehicle accidents.

The Anatomy of a Multi-Vehicle Accident

While the details can vary depending on the situation, many multi-vehicle accidents involve chain reaction rear-end collisions. As an example, imagine four vehicles are traveling on a road. The first in line comes to a sudden stop due to an expected hazard, such as traffic slowing down due to a construction site down the road. The second driver in line crashes into the first, the third crashes into the second, and the fourth crashes into the third. Now all drivers have experienced some degree of vehicle damage and potential injury. Additionally, each driver may be found to bear some level of responsibility for what occurred.

How Fault Is Determined

Driver behavior is a primary factor in many accidents. In the above example, the first driver may be considered at fault because he or she wasn’t paying attention and wasn’t able to react to the sudden—yet avoidable—road hazard in time. The second and third driver may also be considered at fault if they equally failed to keep a proper lookout and control of their vehicles, or if they were speeding, tailgating, or texting while driving and failed to notice that the preceding vehicle had stopped.

Other factors also come into play when multiple vehicles collide. Sometimes, poor road conditions contribute to accidents if the proper safety measures aren’t in place. In this case, a construction company may have failed to set up proper signage alerting motorists of lane changes, which then led to confusion, which then caused the first driver to stop short. Weather conditions are another common contributor to car accidents. In storms and low visibility situations, motorists are obligated to adjust their driving to suit the hazardous conditions, particularly when it comes to speed. As the weather conditions worsen, every driver has a duty to increase the level of care in which they operate their vehicle.

All of these factors require expertise and careful evaluation. Our team is ready to listen to your case and ready to help you investigate and prove the cause of your personal injuries.

Our Attorneys Are Here for You

Martinez, Hart, Sanchez & Romero, P.C. strives to make complex legal concepts understandable, so you can make the best decisions in your case and help you prove your damages against the at-fault driver.

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