Lawyers for Children

Children are among the most vulnerable groups in society, especially those in foster care or state custody. We ensure the rights of these children and all others remain intact.

No child should ever be the victim of wrongdoing, but this is an unfortunately all-too-common occurrence. Some children are subject to abusive or neglectful behavior, often at the hands of the same people obligated to provide care. When wrongdoing occurs, the child being victimized must be properly supported, by social workers, loved ones, and compassionate attorneys dedicated to seeking justice on their behalf.

We are those attorneys for children throughout New Mexico. Martinez, Hart, Sanchez & Romero, P.C. has earned a reputation for being fierce child advocates, and we proudly support victims of abuse and neglect to ensure they’re protected from future harm.

How a Child Advocate Attorney Can Help

For a child advocate attorney to provide reliable assistance, he or she must be well-versed in child welfare law. There exist many complex statutes and regulations at the state and federal level that prohibit ill-treatment of kids—especially those under the state’s custody, like the New Mexico Children, Youth & Families Department (CYFD). Ill-treatment can include abusive behaviors, such as sexual and physical violence or emotional abuse. Children can also be neglected by their parents or guardians, which may involve lack of access to food, little supervision, or being placed in an unlawful or dangerous situation.  

Throughout the past three decades, Martinez, Hart, Sanchez & Romero, P.C. has earned a local and national reputation for standing up for children throughout New Mexico. We quickly investigate the claims of child abuse through consultations with the child’s legal guardians and CYFD investigation. Based on that review, we determine why the child was harmed, including what statutes and regulations were breached. In the past three decades we have represented children across New Mexico in successful lawsuits filed in state and federal courts. In addition to representing individuals, we’ve also been involved in class actions suits aimed at protecting and preserving children’s rights in state care.

Duties Carried Out by Lawyers for Children

Attorneys for children undertake numerous duties to ensure the rights of their clients are observed. While specific duties vary, most child advocate lawyers do some combination of the following:

  • Carrying out investigations to determine the level of wrongdoing
  • Requesting and obtaining necessary records and documentation
  • Ensuring the child’s perspective is heard in court
  • Compiling and presenting evidence to fortify the child’s standing
  • Representing children in court for their personal injuries and civil rights claims through a jury trial and appeal

We’re Dedicated to Preserving the Rights of Children

We’re not only attorneys, we’re also proud members of this community. As a result, we feel obligated as lawyers in this community to ensure children are protected against wrongdoing and harm.

Please contact us today at (505) 343-1776 if you’re in need of a skilled and caring child lawyer.

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