How Can Employers Prevent Slip And Fall Accidents?

You expect your employer to maintain safe conditions at your place of work. When employers are lax in these duties, they put their staff and customers at risk. Even a seemingly minor slip and fall accident can have a wide range of consequences, so workplaces must take the proper steps to prevent them.

Clean Up Liquid Spills Immediately

Slick floors are a major cause of accidents at work, especially in commercial kitchens and restaurants. That’s why management must have a strategy in place to locate spills immediately and ensure they’re cleaned up. And if the spill can’t be cleaned up right away, the area should be properly marked so that workers can avoid it until help arrives.

Fix Sidewalks and Floors

Cracked sidewalks and parking lots can be disastrous in terms of worker injuries. In fast-paced jobs, even small deficiencies in the pavement can lead to serious injuries, which might entail lots of downtime. In the same token, broken interior flooring can also pose major safety issues. In workplaces where staff are constantly on their feet, it can be very easy to overlook defects until it’s too late.

Make Sure Lighting Is Suitable

Low light means low visibility. If you work in an area with a fair amount of clutter or must traverse narrow aisles, your risk of falling will become even greater as you work. When bulbs burn out or fixtures wear down, employers must take immediate steps to remedy the issue. And in workplaces where tools and machinery are used on a daily basis, management must make sure each workstation as a sufficient level of light for the task being performed.

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