What Are The Car Insurance Requirements In New Mexico?

Driving without car insurance is a huge risk that is simply not worth it. In addition to the expense associated with car accidents, you may also run into legal trouble if you lack the right coverage.

Like many other states, New Mexico has a minimum amount of auto insurance that all drivers must carry if they wish to drive on the roads and highways in the state. This guide explains how much insurance you must have, and why purchasing more is definitely a good thing.

Mandatory Insurance Requirements in New Mexico

Liability coverage protects other drivers when your actions cause an accident. For instance, if you fail to obey a stop sign and rear-end the vehicle in front of you, your insurance will pay for medical bills and property damage.
All motorists who share the road are required to carry a certain amount of liability insurance according to the laws of the state. In New Mexico, every driver must carry $25,000 to cover the bodily injury of one person and $50,000 to cover all bodily injury that resulted from the accident. Drivers must also carry $10,000 to cover any property damage that occurs.

Why You Should Consider Purchasing More Insurance

While having the minimum level of liability insurance keeps you compliant with the law, it doesn’t fully protect you. For example, collision coverage pays for damage to your vehicle, regardless of who was at fault. There’s also comprehensive coverage, which protects you from theft and vandalism.

Drivers in the state are also encouraged to secure uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance. These policies are essential if you’re involved in an accident with a negligent driver who lacks the proper coverage.

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