A Guide To Premises Liability

Being a property owner entails lots of responsibilities when it comes to maintenance and repairs. Keeping up with these responsibilities is crucial when it comes to property value, but they’re also essential from a legal perspective.

Property owners must maintain safe properties for customers, clients, and guests. When they fail to do so and an accident happens, property owners can be cited for negligence and required to provide compensation to cover any losses. Here are a few key facts to consider about premises liability cases.

Understanding Duty of Care

Unless a person is trespassing on a property, all property owners in New Mexico owe others a duty of care. Duty of care means that a property owner must keep safe conditions on their property to prevent accidents and other mishaps. Property owners may also be obligated to inform others of unsafe conditions when they exist.

Types of Premises Liability Cases

Because there are so many areas of a property that can be hazardous when not properly maintained, there are a variety of premises liability cases. Common occurrences include:

  • Slips and Falls – Slips and falls can result from icy or wet surfaces, broken pavement, defective flooring, and many other occurrences. Property owners must make repairs as needed to keep others safe.
  • Dog Bites – Property owners must keep their pets from harming others when on their property. If you’re a guest in someone’s home, they have a duty of care towards you that requires them to keep their dog properly restrained at all times.
  • Swimming Pool Accidents – Swimming pools can be very hazardous in terms of accidents, which is why pool owners must have safety covers, fencing, and other security measures to keep people safe.
  • Lack of Security – Property owners are also required to maintain a secure premises. That means they must reasonably protect you from criminal wrongdoing when you’re on their property.

What to Do When Injured by Property Owner Negligence

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