Nursing Home Abuse And Neglect: What Can You Do?

You naturally expect your loved one to be safe and secure when living in a nursing home. While this is the case in the majority of facilities, the risk of nursing home abuse and neglect is still a very real one for families. That’s why you must know what to do if you suspect issues, as fast action ensures your family member receives the support they need. Here are a few steps you can take. 

Address Your Concerns with the Administrator

All nursing facilities have staff tasked with overseeing the quality of care. These administrators have a duty to address complaints and remedy them as soon as possible to ensure residents are safe and secure. If your loved one exhibits unexplained injuries or experiences a significant decline in mood, be sure to bring it up with the administrator. Discuss your concerns honestly and openly and insist on a follow-up discussion to check the status of the issue. 

Remove Your Loved One from the Facility

In the event the administrator doesn’t take the issues seriously or you find that your loved one is still subject to the same abuse and neglect, you must remove them from the facility as soon as possible. While it can be challenging to find new accommodations, relocating your family member is the only way to ensure they’re safe. If possible, enlist the help of friends and family until permanent accommodations are made. 

File a Complaint with a Local Agency

Even after your loved one is safe, you should still take steps to hold the facility accountable for their actions. In New Mexico, you can report complaints to the Aging & Long-Term Services Department. Provide as much information as possible about the type of abuse or neglect, and the steps you took to address it. If the nursing facility is part of a larger hospital network, you can also make hospital administrators aware of the issue. 

If the abuse or neglect your loved one experienced also resulted in a serious injury, you should consider filing a lawsuit. Here at Martinez, Hart, Sanchez & Romero, P.C., our attorneys have protected the rights of the vulnerable for more than 30 years. We have extensive experience with nursing home abuse and neglect, and we’re passionate about defending the rights of our clients. Schedule a consultation with our team today by calling 505-343-1776 or contact us for more information.