How To Choose Health Insurance For Senior Parents

While health insurance is crucial for people of all ages, it’s especially important for seniors. Older adults typically have more complicated medical needs, and they must have the proper coverage to ensure these needs are sufficiently met.

It’s often up to the adult children of seniors to help them make vital decisions, such as choosing health care coverage. Here are a few tips to help you make the best decision.

Determine Your Parents’ Health Needs

Some elderly people have more advanced health needs than others, which means they require comprehensive health insurance. Talk with your parents about their medical conditions, treatments, prescription medications, and other essential health care topics. You should also inquire about whether they have preferred physicians, as you’ll want to choose a plan that allows them to continue seeing those medical professionals.

Evaluate Their Budget

No one should forgo quality medical care due to money, but it does help to have an idea of your parents’ budget when reviewing plans. In addition to paying a monthly premium, health insurance also incurs other costs like deductibles and co-pays. Establishing a budget can help you rule out private plans that are prohibitively costly, especially if your parent is on a fixed income.

Look into Medicare Eligibility

Private insurance is often very expensive, which is why so many seniors rely on Medicare coverage. The first step is to determine whether your parent is eligible by reviewing the criteria. In general, Medicare recipients must be 65 or older, have paid at least ten years of Social Security taxes, and have been a permanent resident of the U.S. for at least five years. Some seniors are automatically enrolled at 65, but others must initiate the process on their own. You can also look into Medicare Advantage options if your loved one needs expanded coverage.

Providing elder care is a large part of being a devoted and loving family member. Additionally, you must also seek out immediate legal assistance if your loved one falls victim to elder abuse.

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