How Should I Handle Hospital Negligence?

You expect doctors, nurses, and other medical staff to prioritize your well-being above all else. While this is typically true of most health care facilities, negligent practices can still pose a risk to patients. Here are a few steps you can take if a medical professional behaves carelessly and causes an injury.

Establish a Doctor-Patient Relationship

The first step in a negligence claim is establishing a doctor-patient relationship. That means you sought out advice, guidance, or treatment regarding a medical issue from a health care professional. You couldn’t sue a doctor for negligence if you had an informal relationship and they provided harmful advice. For instance, a medical professional casually providing inaccurate medical advice during a holiday party would not constitute negligence.

Exhibit Examples of Medical Negligence

It’s possible to be unhappy with a physician’s care without negligence being a factor. That’s why you must compare your provider’s actions to the type of care that a reasonable, competent doctor would provide. If it can be shown that your provider took steps that other medical staff would deem unsatisfactory, you may have a negligence claim on your hands.

Create a Link Between the Negligent Act and the Injury

Finally, you must establish that your medical provider’s negligent actions directly led to your injuries. This can be a complex undertaking since you may have already experienced illness or injury leading up to the event. In many cases, a medical expert will be sought to testify on your behalf to show exactly how the careless behavior worsened your existing medical condition or caused a new one to emerge.

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