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Recently on this blog we discussed how heart attacks are diagnosed. This medical condition, as is the case with many diseases, can oftentimes be effectively treated when quickly and accurately diagnosed. In other words, competent medical care should lead to a favorable outcome, or at least one where the harm is minimized. Yet far too often in our society, individuals act negligently, resulting in harm being suffered by innocent people. Sometimes this negligence can lead to death.

When this happens, whether through medical malpractice, a car accident, or premises liability, a victim's surviving family can be left with extensive damages. In addition to the emotional toll that can be taken, these family members can face excessive financial losses. Medical expenses, funeral costs, and lost wages can destroy a family's financial stability, making it hard for them to figure out how to get by in the aftermath of their loved one's death.

New Mexico woman arrested after child seriously injured

For many New Mexico residents, their children are the center of their lives. These parents are willing to do everything within their power to ensure that their children are safe and financially cared for. Unfortunately, though, incidences occur that leave children harmed. Some of these incidences are nothing more than accidents, such as when a child is hurt while playing at recess. In other cases, though, children suffer serious injuries caused by child abuse and child neglect.

Many times, victims of child abuse and neglect are harmed by those who are entrusted to care for them. One example recently made the local news. An 11-year-old child was seriously injured while in foster care. According to reports, the foster parent claimed that the child was hurt while practicing soccer dives. However, medical professionals determined that the child's injuries did not correspond with the explanation given. The woman was therefore arrested and charged with multiple criminal offenses.

Traumatic brain injury treatment can be intensive and ongoing

It doesn't take much for a mistake made on the road or in the hospital to lead to devastating consequences. For many New Mexico residents, these incidences leave them with serious injuries. Among these injuries is a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Although most people are familiar with the term, and some may have knowledge about what the injury entails, fewer have a firm grasp of just how much work it takes to try to recover from a TBI.

Of course, the initial hospital stay following a brain injury can be quite extensive. A victim will likely need to remain in the intensive care unit for a period of time, where a ventilator may need to be used, as well as an EKG machine, catheter, and NG tube so that medication can be administered. However, this is just the start of the recovery process.

Wrongful death risks may be highest in the hospital

You know that accidents take lives. It's a risk you must face. Maybe you're a white-knuckle flier who can't wait for the plane to get back on the ground. Maybe you're constantly on the lookout for distracted drivers during your daily commute. Maybe you're worried about dangerous and defective products.

Where would you feel the safest? Maybe people would say that they're in the best hands in the hospital. You have medical professionals at your side, cutting-edge technology to help and the best care that money can buy.

How is a heart attack diagnosed?

Most New Mexico residents have been placed under extreme stress at some point in their lives. For some, stress can be accompanied by drastic physical symptoms, which may include headaches, difficulty sleeping, and an upset stomach. Others, though, may experience chest pain. Although this may just be a sign of stress, it might also be a symptom of a heart attack. Stress, while unhealthy over the long run, typically poses no immediate safety risk. A heart attack, on the other hand, can prove fatal.

Fortunately, with quick treatment, a heart attack may be stopped, thereby saving an individual's life. However, this speedy and effective treatment is wholly dependent upon an accurate diagnosis by a medical professional. The first step to accurately diagnosing a heart attack is identifying its symptoms. These symptoms may include chest discomfort, pain or discomfort of the arm, back, or shoulder, a feeling similar to heartburn, sweating, dizziness, shortness of breath, and a rapid heartbeat.

Car accidents and post-traumatic stress disorder

The human body, although resilient, can be extremely fragile. This fact is illustrated by the types of injuries that can be suffered in a car accident. A relatively minor wreck, of course, will likely only result in minor harm, such and bruises and small cuts. Other crashes, though, may leave a victim with serious injuries that can be life-threatening. The effects of these injuries can be long-lasting and leave victims struggling physically, emotionally, and financially.

Although we typically talk about physical injuries on this blog, this week we wanted to look at a mental health condition that can be caused by an accident: post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). PTSD can be caused by experiencing something terrifying, like a car accident. It may trigger flashbacks in a sufferer, as well as anxiety and nightmares. A sufferer may also experience a change in mood that results in difficulty maintaining relationships and trouble experiencing positivity.

New Mexico's anti-distracted driving efforts fall short

If you work in the Albuquerque area, then you've probably found yourself amidst the thousands of commuters who find themselves traveling busy roadways to and from work. In order to get to your destination safely, it is critical that you remain attentive behind the wheel. Yet, regardless of how defensive you are as a driver, there are likely a number of other motorists near you at any given time who are distracted. Whether they are changing the radio, filling with climate control, eating food, talking with passengers, or reading or sending text messages, these drivers' attention is taken away from the road. This, in turn, puts others at risk of being harmed in a car accident.

New Mexico has attempted to curtail distracted driving, but the efforts have done little to protect motorists. Since 2014, texting and driving has been illegal in the state, but statistics show that the number of wrecks caused by distracted driving have continued to increase despite the law. One reason may be that the laws are not enforced aggressively enough to serve as a deterrent.

Car accidents and whiplash

Car accident injuries, like the wrecks themselves, can vary in severity. While many individuals suffer serious injuries, including traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries, others are left with bump, bruises, and scrapes. Although the more severe injuries require much more medical treatment and can result in excessive damages, even minor harms can leave an individual with significant losses. These loses can include medical expenses and lost wages. Even when seemingly minimal compared to those damages suffered in serious wrecks, these losses can still wreak havoc on an individual's life.

One of these injuries is whiplash. Whiplash, which is essentially a neck sprain, occurs when the head moves in a jerking fashion. This injury is often suffered in car accidents, as an abrupt stop can cause the head to snap forward and backward. Those who suffer whiplash can be left with headaches, stiffness of the neck, numbness in the upper limbs, dizziness, and even difficulty concentrating.

Slip and fall accidents can cause serious injuries

When you enter onto the premises of another, such as a grocery store, you expect it to be free from hazards. If such a hazardous condition does exist, such as a wet floor, you probably expect it to be marked so that you can exercise proper precaution. Yet, far too many times, property owners in Albuquerque fail to quickly identify and timely remedy dangerous property conditions, whether they be a wet floor, icy sidewalk, or torn carpet. These conditions can leave invitees susceptible to injuries when a slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall accident occurs.

Slip-and-fall and trip-and-fall accidents can occur in any number of ways. Many times they are caused when someone steps in a wet product, such as water, soda, food, or even mud. But dry material can cause an individual to slip and trip, too. Plastic wrap, for example, can be hard to spot, especially when you're not looking for it, and it can quickly get caught up in your feet.

You may have more severe car accident injuries than you realize

Car accidents, even those that seem relatively minor, are still very violent experiences for the human body. Although we are surprisingly resilient as a species, we often take for granted just how unnatural traveling in a car is, and may not realize when we suffer an injury in a collision.

A number of different types of injury may not cause a car accident victim any pain immediately. Unfortunately, these injuries may not feature many outwardly visible signs. A victim in a car accident may not even experience any pain from the injury for hours or even several days after the accident.

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