Bullying in School

School bullying goes beyond just juvenile teasing and name-calling. Bullies can have a devastating impact on a child’s psyche and ability to learn in a safe educational environment, especially when no adults intervene on their behalf. Bullying can also include physical injuries as well.

It’s the duty of schools in New Mexico to ensure all students are subject to a safe and welcoming environment. When school staff fail to intervene despite having knowledge of the bullying behavior, they may be held responsible for the resulting ill-effects.

Signs Your Child Is Being Bullied in School

Kids often attempt to hide issues with bullying from their parents. Accordingly, the following signs may go unnoticed:

  • Frequent illnesses. Stress and anxiety often cause physical symptoms, like nausea and headaches. Children also manufacture symptoms in an attempt to avoid kids at school. In either case, physical symptoms should be addressed by a family physician.
  • Problems sleeping. Anxiety may also lead to insomnia. Watch out for excessive morning tiredness and fatigue, as this could be an indicator of lack of sleep.
  • Isolation. In addition to isolation at school, bullied children may also avoid interacting with their families at home. Your child may keep to his or her room or spend most of their time a mobile device or computer.
  • Changes in posture and demeanor. Bullied children often assume what’s known as the “victim’s stance”. Poor posture, with head lowered to the floor, intense shyness, and lack of confidence are all linked to bullying episodes. These behaviors will become more pronounced the longer the child is bullied.

What Parents Can Do About Bullying Incidents

Address the issue with your child’s school as soon as you become aware. Even if you only have suspicions about what’s occurring, it’s best to discuss them with your child’s teachers or other school staff, who may be able to provide greater insight.

New Mexico schools are obligated to take the proper actions to prevent bullying and stop it from occurring once a complaint is received. Failure to take the right steps can land a school in legal trouble or even result in a civil rights violation depending on the nature of the incident.

What to Do If You Need Legal Assistance for a Bullying Issue

If a school fails to take the necessary steps or your child is seriously harmed as a result of an incident at school, you must seek help from an attorney. Our lawyers at Martinez, Hart, Sanchez & Romero, P.C. know the rules and regulations New Mexico schools must abide by, so we can support your case and ensure negligent parties are held accountable.

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