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How to proceed after being injured on another property

No one plans on getting injured, although most people have health insurance to help pay for the expenses associated with such an event. When New Mexico residents are injured by a dangerous condition on another person's property, they may be able to pursue a lawsuit to help them recover financial compensation to cover expenses associated with the injuries.

Proving the essential elements of a slip-and-fall case

When our readers in New Mexico think of the typical slip-and-fall case, they probably envision a scenario at a grocery store where a slippery floor was not properly cleaned, leading to someone falling and becoming injured. And, while it may seem fairly straightforward to determine who is at fault in these types of situations, a personal injury lawsuit based on such a scenario might actually be more complicated than one may think.

Know your options when negligent security leads to injuries

When most New Mexico residents think about the circumstances in which a person might pursue a personal injury lawsuit, they probably think of car accident or slip-and-fall cases. However, there is a wide variety of situations that can lead to a person suffering injuries due to another party's recklessness or negligence. Negligent security conditions at a business or an apartment building, for example, is one such circumstance.

Man slips on chile, files premises liability lawsuit

Most Albuquerque residents have been to the grocery store and notice something spilled. Whether it is soda, juice, milk, eggs, sugar or even something like a jar of pickles, these items can create a slippery floor. When unsuspecting customers step on these spills, they can slip and fall, resulting in serious injuries.

The foundations of a slip-and-fall accident case

Chances are you have been to the grocery store at some point and have seen spilled liquid on the floor. Soda cases are dropped, causing cans to explode, eggs are dropped and broken, milk jugs leak and mopped floors remain moisture-slicked for several minutes. Most people are able to spot these spills from a distance and avoid them. Others, however, for whatever reason, don't see them and wind up slipping and falling on hard tile floors. This can leave them with serious injuries, including sprained muscles, torn ligaments and even broken bones. The recovery process can be painful and expensive, which is wholly unfair to these individuals.

Standing up for those hurt by hazardous property conditions

Most people who visit friends or social acquaintances do so without fear for their own safety and well-being. Who would worry about it? But, just because you don't expect to be hurt while on the property of another person doesn't mean that you won't be. In fact, many people suffer harm while doing some of the most innocuous activities while visiting with others, such as celebrating a holiday.

Injured celebrating Fourth of July? Consider premises liability

Fourth of July celebrations are now over, but some New Mexico residents may still may be feeling the effects of a celebration gone wrong. Although there were several restrictions on the use of fireworks this year, many individuals still celebrated Fourth of July festivities by setting fireworks off. In some instances, the use of these fireworks resulted in unexpected injuries. Those people who have been injured by fireworks may be able to pursue compensation for the damages they have suffered by filing a premises liability lawsuit.

Trespassers may be able to succeed on premises liability claim

Those who are injured by a hazardous property condition after being invited onto the premises by its owner may be able to recover compensation for the harm they have suffered. These damages can be quite extensive, too, including hefty medical expenses and rehabilitation costs, as well as lost wages. One may also be able to recover compensation for pain and suffering. However, succeeding on a premises liability claim often requires showing that one was invited onto the property in question, a hazardous condition existed that caused the victim's injuries, and that condition should have been remedied or at least identified and warned of in a timely fashion.

Questions to ask before pursuing a premises liability claim

New Mexico's residents shouldn't have to put their safety on the line when they enter a business or are invited onto the property of another. Unfortunately, though, many times these unsuspecting individuals are subjected to hazardous property conditions that can cause serious injuries. For example, such an incident may occur at a grocery store when spilled liquid isn't cleaned up quickly enough and customers are not warned of it. Here, a customer may slip and fall, getting hurt as a result.

Proving premises liability cases involving residential property

New Mexico residents who are injured while on the property of another may be able to recover compensation for their damages, which may include medical expenses and lost wages, if they succeed on a premises liability lawsuit. Winning one of these claims requires a victim to prove certain legal elements, though, which can be challenging depending on the circumstances.

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