Child Injury Lawyers

At the Albuquerque law firm of Martinez, Hart, Thompson & Sanchez, P.C., as parents, we understand the frustration and anguish parents face when their kids suffer. Injuries to children are different from injuries to adults. For physical injuries, there are concerns about whether the injury will impact the child’s growth and development. Will the child need medical care into the future? Likewise, injuries impact children emotionally in a different way than they do adults. When children are injured in places where they are supposed to be safe, their ability to trust is compromised and it can take a serious toll to re-establish that trust.

We at Martinez, Hart, Thompson & Sanchez, P.C., have specialized in representing children for almost 30 years. We are conscious of the differences in how to handle and explain child injuries, how the court system treats children’s claims differently and the importance of communicating with parents so that they can make the best parenting decisions for their child.

In order to stay on the cutting edge of legal issues and rights of victims in New Mexico, we handle difficult cases that others won’t take, knowing that a claim may be lost at the trial court level. This is done so that the laws can be changed at the appeal level — in a higher court.

Fighting For The Rights Of Children Injured In New Mexico Schools

As our children spend a majority of their time in school, that is where many injuries occur. We regularly bring claims against public school districts and private schools for harms children suffer there. Whether a child was hurt from something dangerous on the school premises, was bullied and harassed, or abused by a teacher, we are prepared to investigate and take steps to address the harms. Schools are places where our children should be safe and we work hard to address the problems when they become dangerous.

Injuries To Children With Disabilities

Children with disabilities are some of the most vulnerable people in our community. When they are hurt, they have to rely on others to speak up for them, to protect them and to make sure they are safe. Sometimes a civil lawsuit is necessary to get the attention of the people we entrust to care for these children and to make them change their conduct. We have been working for children with disabilities throughout our careers and strive to help give them a safer environment.

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Seek the assistance of a child injury lawyer at Martinez, Hart, Thompson & Sanchez, P.C., to find out if your family has a claim. We will listen to your child’s story, explain your options, and guide you and your family toward legal solutions that are best for your personal situation.

  • Injuries and abuse at school
  • Injuries and abuse in foster care
  • School bullying
  • Injuries and abuse to children with disabilities
  • Injuries and abuse to children in residential treatment centers
  • Abuse by police officers, teachers, and those in a position of authority
  • Trampoline park injuries