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The criminal justice system is in place to ensure those convicted of wrongdoing are held accountable. While this process can be cathartic for the victims of crime, it can also be stressful. Consider that their problems don’t simply end when the assailant is behind bars. It’s likely that they’re still recovering from the physical effects of the crime, while also dealing with mental and emotional effects.

Seeking out appropriate legal guidance can help in the aftermath of a crime. Our attorneys at Martinez, Hart, Sanchez & Romero, P.C. have a reputation for being firm supporters of crime victims. Part of this support involves upholding victim rights and making sure our clients are well informed about what those rights entail.

Crime Victim Rights

If you’ve experienced a violent crime, you  have the following rights according to New Mexico law:

  • To dignified and respectful treatment
  • To a reasonable expectation that you’ll be kept safe from your assailant
  • To attend court hearings involving the person accused of the crime
  • To provide a statement during sentencing or when sentencing changes
  • To seek restitution to make up for any losses experienced as a result of the crime

Restitution is a type of financial compensation that compensates you for injury or financial loss. Along with the criminal proceeding against the person who caused you harm, you may also be able to pursue a civil remedy against the person.

If you want to discuss your rights as a victim of crime, contact Martinez, Hart, Sanchez & Romero, P.C. today. Call (505) 343-1776 to schedule a free consultation with one of our skilled attorneys. You can also contact us for more information about the legal services we offer.

How We Can Help You Heal in the Aftermath

Our firm has a reputation for being a strong advocate for victims of crimes. In fact, we take many cases because we feel so passionately about the victims and what’s happened to them. As members of the Albuquerque community that surrounds us, we truly want to make a better environment for our neighbors and ensure they remain safe and secure.

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