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Injuries to Children Archives

Injuries to children can have a significant emotional impact

New Mexico residents don't like to see anyone suffer injuries, but seeing a child suffer injuries can sometimes be more difficult than injuries to adults. Sure, an injured adult also needs to focus on regaining physical health and will likely never forget such a potentially life-altering incident, but, when children suffer injuries, their development will probably be greatly impacted. And, the emotional impact of the injury cannot be understated.

The legal side of a parent's worst fear: an injury to a child

We all have seen media reports about personal injury lawsuits before, as car accidents and medical malpractice cause thousands of injuries to Americans everywhere each year, including in New Mexico. However, the cases that involve injuries to children are some of the worst. Injuries to children are a parent's worst fear.

What is an "attractive nuisance"?

Children are perhaps the most vulnerable amongst us. Parents will do just about anything to ensure their children's safety, but sometimes their safety is out of their control. When the negligence of another results in harm to a child, the child's parents may be able to take legal action to pursue accountability and compensation.

Playground-related injuries more frequent than many realize

Summer break is just around the corner for New Mexico's children, which means people are likely to see many more children out and about. Many of these kids, oftentimes with their parents, can be found at local parks and playgrounds. These spaces can provide a great opportunity for children to interact with their friends, expend some energy, and give their parents a few minutes' worth of break. Although most of us don't think twice about the safety of playgrounds, New Mexico's parents need to take heed that they can oftentimes be places full of danger.

New Mexico woman arrested after child seriously injured

For many New Mexico residents, their children are the center of their lives. These parents are willing to do everything within their power to ensure that their children are safe and financially cared for. Unfortunately, though, incidences occur that leave children harmed. Some of these incidences are nothing more than accidents, such as when a child is hurt while playing at recess. In other cases, though, children suffer serious injuries caused by child abuse and child neglect.

When swimming in New Mexico becomes a deadly affair

One of the pleasures of summer for many New Mexico children is swimming on a hot day. However, whether they are swimming at a community pool or in their own backyards, swimming can be a dangerous activity for children. In fact, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, drowning is the number one cause of accidental death for children between one and four years old.

Spring and summer hazards that put kids in danger

Summer is just around the corner, and kids across New Mexico are just weeks away from the freedom of summer vacation. As exciting as this is for them, it can be more stressful than exciting for parents. Without kids out of school, they are spending more time on their own or in the care of people other than teachers and parents.

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