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6 key trampoline safety tips

Children love trampolines. Entire indoor facilities have sprung up to offer kids (and even adults) opportunities to jump in any weather. Families buy trampolines of all sizes, including smaller ones for in-home use by toddlers and large ones that take up half of the back yard.

Wrongful death risks may be highest in the hospital

You know that accidents take lives. It's a risk you must face. Maybe you're a white-knuckle flier who can't wait for the plane to get back on the ground. Maybe you're constantly on the lookout for distracted drivers during your daily commute. Maybe you're worried about dangerous and defective products.

You may have more severe car accident injuries than you realize

Car accidents, even those that seem relatively minor, are still very violent experiences for the human body. Although we are surprisingly resilient as a species, we often take for granted just how unnatural traveling in a car is, and may not realize when we suffer an injury in a collision.

Talk about trampoline safety and take precautions with your kids

Trampolines are intriguing for children. It seems like they have become more and more popular. Trampoline parks and businesses have popped up more and more over the last few years. Your child asked for a backyard trampoline. You can see the appeal. As a parent, you also question safety. You want your child to have fun, but you also don’t want them to get hurt.

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