The best way to avoid having to deal with the fallout from a car accident is not to have one in the first place. However, this is often easier said than done and it is certainly true that you do not have any control over what other drivers are doing on the highway. 
With this being the case, there are some best practices that can help you avoid car accidents. According to Consumer Reports, one of the most dangerous places to drive your car is actually the parking lot. 
Why is a parking lot dangerous? 
The problem is that parking lots have far fewer rules as compared to surface streets or highways. Driving on a highway actually ranks very high for safety, considering that there are no intersections and everybody is going one way. A parking lot, on the other hand, has people driving at a variety of speeds and potentially not looking where they are going. Parking lots are also full of pedestrians, who can pose a serious hazard. 
Do speed limits matter? 

Actually, yes. Speed limits do have a purpose, and they are not just to line the pockets of the highway patrol. Driving faster than the posted speed limit means that you are exceeding the recommended speed for that particular Road. The faster you go, the less reaction time you have if something unexpected occurs. Going around corners can also be extremely dangerous if you were taking them with too much speed. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety estimates that speed is responsible for around 30% of all motor vehicle deaths.