There is no doubt that most children love jumping on a trampoline. It gives them a sense of flying and freedom against gravity. However, trampolines are a dangerous toy. They cause many injuries each year to children, some very severe. While you may not have one in your backyard or allow your children to play on backyard trampolines, a trip to the trampoline park may give you a false sense of security. 

The risks at these parks are similar to those of a backyard trampoline. Just because this is a business does not make it completely risk-free. CBS News explains that they even come with an extra danger because of how the trampolines connect to each other in a park setup. 

Added risk 

A solitary trampoline is unpredictable because it is difficult to tell how the energy will transfer and where it will send a person who is jumping. This is especially true when more than one person is jumping at a time. In a trampoline park, this risk increases because multiple trampolines connect to each other, increasing the unpredictability. They often connect with chains, but even those parks using steel barrier connections still have an increase in risk. 

The way the trampolines connect creates one large trampoline transferring energy throughout. So, even if a child is by him or herself on one part of the trampoline, the introduction of another child on a different part of the trampoline will create a risk for imbalance and other issues that could lead to an injury. 

Similar to a car accident 

The force created on a trampoline is enough to cause serious injuries to a child’s body. Doctors say the injuries from a trampoline are similar to those caused by an auto accident. The common injuries include head trauma, broken bones and spinal injuries. Statistics show that from 2012 to 2018, there were six deaths resulting from trampoline parks and around 15,000 injuries.