Many people may love their visits with their young nieces and nephews. However, sometimes a home may not be safe for young children and toddlers. Some people might think they do not have to childproof their house because their nieces and nephews are only visiting. Tip-over accidents can happen at any house, though, so it is important for people to make sure kids will be safe.

Many people may think their home is safe for their youngest family members. According to, young children can sustain serious injuries if a piece of furniture tips over onto them. Tip-over accidents usually happen if a young child tries to get something off a high shelf or climbs furniture. These incidents generally involve heavy pieces of furniture, such as TV stands, dressers and bookshelves. TVs might also fall onto young children when these devices are not secured to the wall.

Some people might think young children will be safe if they supervise them closely. However, it is important to note that most tip-over accidents happen at home. When an aunt or uncle puts a toddler down for a nap, this child might get hurt if he or she gets out of bed and tries to get a toy on a high shelf. Additionally, these incidents can sometimes be fatal. Tip-over accidents cause the deaths of two children each month, while another 40 sustain an injury each day. Most of the children involved in these incidents are between the ages of one and four. Because of this, it is important for people to take precautions so their young nieces and nephews will be safe when they come for visits.

Before young children arrive at the house, it is a good idea for people to make sure the house is ready for these visitors. says that people should make sure the children will be able to easily access the items they need. If kids play on an iPad at a relative’s home or watch a lot of movies, people should make sure these items are within a child’s reach. Some people may also want to make sure they keep toys on low shelves. Making these items accessible can help ensure that children do not climb furniture to get a toy. It is also a good idea to mount the TV to its stand or the wall. Additionally, people should usually secure heavy furniture to the wall. These precautions can help people to have peace of mind when their youngest family members visit.