New Mexico is one of five American states that share a border with Mexico. This makes the state home to a large immigrant population — both documented and undocumented. Under the most recent administration, additional efforts have been made to round up immigrants who cross the border illegally.

These people are then detained in camps while their case is reviewed. According to NBC News, 24 immigrants have passed away at the detention camps since November 2016. Not all of the detained immigrants are Mexicans or Hispanics. This summer, for instance, one man from India committed suicide.

One of the claims against the camps is that they are simply ill-equipped to care for the number of immigrants they hold. In fact, the recent number of immigrants in custody hit a record high over the past few years. Just 200 detention centers across the country house the 52,000 immigrants that ICE takes in on a daily basis.

CNBC recently reported that a private prison company is now lobbying the government to start holding immigrants itself. This is not uncommon. Currently, private prison companies own 73% of the immigration centers in operation. In some ways, this may help to ease the current burden on the centers in place.

However, the company lobbying for the right to open more centers has several litigations against in a number of states. The accusations include inhumane treatment and overall poor conditions of inmates. Because of this, many people wonder if adding more private prison companies to the detention center network will actually improve the conditions and reduce wrongful death claims.