Driver fatigue has a number of potential causes, whether someone works an excessively difficult day at work or they are unable to focus on the road because they have been driving for too long. Martinez, Hart, Thompson & Sanchez, P.C. knows that sleep disorders (whether they are chronic or even temporary) can also lead to fatigued driving, which threatens the lives of many people in New Mexico each day. If you wake up at night and this interferes with your alertness during the day, it is imperative to be aware of the risks and possibly avoid driving altogether. 

Unfortunately, a lot of people fail to take this advice and they get behind the wheel anyway. Others do not realize that they are too tired to drive safely. There are a lot of reasons why people are on the road even though they are too tired to drive (many of whom would rather be doing something else, especially getting some sleep). For example, they have to go to work, or they are running late for an important meeting. Regardless, there is no excuse for this behavior. 

If you are struggling with the consequences of a drowsy driving crash caused by someone else or a family member is going through this, look into your legal options. You likely have a number of helpful strategies on the table that could help with some of the hardships you are dealing with as a result of the wreck. Furthermore, if you would like to browse through more information related to various car crash topics, please take this opportunity to explore more of our website.