Road traffic accidents are a common cause of death in New Mexico. When people see long stretches of roads running through the open desert, they tend to speed. They fail to account for unforeseen circumstances that may make this dangerous, such as a stopped vehicle, wildlife, drowsiness or distracted driving.

CNN reported in 2018 that America is not the only country struggling with reducing traffic deaths. In 2018, traffic deaths climbed to 1.35 million around the world. This made it the eight-leading cause of death in the world. It outpaced even tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS. The most common victims fell into the age range of 5 to 29 years old.

The good news is that the Americas are doing well compared to other countries when it comes to keeping traffic deaths. This includes not just America, but Canada and other countries on the American continents. Europe has also done well. In Asian and African countries, the opposite is true. Even worse, the most common victims are the most vulnerable, including cyclists and pedestrians.

The CDC believes that the following steps can help:

  • Wearing a seat belt every time for every trip in a passenger or commercial vehicle
  • Wearing a helmet every time when riding bicycles and motorcycles
  • Not riding in overcrowded areas
  • Putting gadgets away to drive without distractions
  • Not getting behind the wheel when impaired by substances and not riding with a driver who is
  • Obeying the speed limits

Reducing accident fatalities around the world requires a community effort. Every road user can play a part. However, the bulk of that effort needs to come from drivers on the road of both passenger and commercial vehicles. The larger the vehicle, the more dangerous it is. The more dangerous it is, the more drivers need to take their safety responsibilities seriously.