Many of our readers are used to seeing occasionally on the roadways, but accidents that involve semi-trucks can be quite different from accidents in which only passenger vehicles are involved. Accidents involving semi-trucks can cause devastating consequences, including fatalities. That was, unfortunately, the result in a recent collision in New Mexico.

According to reports, the collision occurred on March 24 in the southwestern part of the state, near Lordsburg, at approximately 3:30 pm. The reports indicate that a semi-truck crossed the center median of Interstate 10, slamming into a pickup truck and then another semi-truck head-on. Both drivers of the semi-trucks were killed in the collision, as were a man and a woman in the pickup truck. A young girl in the pickup truck, a 13-year-old, suffered severe injuries, according to the reports. In all, this was a devastating incident for all involved.

An investigation into how and why the semi-truck crossed the center median is ongoing. The investigation could reveal any one of a number of reasons, including driver error, mechanical defects or even if the truck driver was distracted or impaired. Whatever the cause, the family members of the victims of this incident will likely seeking more answers.

The victims’ families may also decide to attempt to pursue financial compensation from the truck driver’s employer. Such compensation could be used to help cover the medical expenses that likely arose due to this tragedy, as well as other damages. Of course, nothing will replace the lives lost in this deadly collision.