Most healthy people can’t even imagine suffering a life-altering injury that will change their ability to complete day-to-day tasks. But, unfortunately, these types of serious injuries happen with frightening frequency in New Mexico and throughout the country. Car accidents, in particular, are the cause of millions of devastating injuries each year in America. One type of injury that can be particularly difficult to overcome is a spinal cord injury.

A person who suffers a spinal cord injury may experience life changes that are permanent. Obviously, the greatest fear when a person suffers a spinal cord injury is that the person will become paralyzed in certain areas of their body, oftentimes from the waist down or neck down. Losing the body’s ability to function can leave an accident victim facing a new reality.

In many cases, rehabilitation and physical therapy may help a spinal cord injury victim regain certain functions. However, that is no guarantee, and such treatment can be expensive. It is likely that in most cases of a spinal cord injury occurring the victim may be confined to a wheelchair or otherwise immobilized, relying upon others for assistance.

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