Common injury jargon from years past includes terms such as getting “knocked out” or a victim getting his “bell rung.” However, as our readers may know, these terms are actually referring to potentially serious injuries, which can occur in sports events, worksite incidents and, probably most commonly of all, car accidents. Invariably, these terms refer to injuries to a person’s head or brain.

The fact is that serious injuries can have serious consequences for a person’s short-term and long-term health. The most serious head or brain injuries could leave a New Mexico resident in a coma, with no way for medical professionals to tell when the victim may regain consciousness.

Doctors and other medical professionals will likely treat the fact that a person is in a coma as a medical emergency. The healthcare professionals will likely run a battery of tests to attempt to determine the cause of the person’s extended period of unconsciousness, which is the primary sign of a coma. Other signs that a person is in a coma are: irregular breathing; depressed reflexes; and being non-responsive to stimuli, among others.

If this serious medical condition was caused by the negligent or reckless conduct of another party, the injured victim and their family may have legal options to consider. A personal injury lawsuit could result in the award of financial compensation which could, first and foremost, address the extensive medical expenses that are sure to arise from the situation, along with other costs such as pain and suffering and lost wages.