When most people think about New Mexico, winter weather is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. But, as our readers in the state know, the Southeast has been getting its fair share of snow and other winter weather lately, which is causing some to worry about the driving habits of New Mexico residents.

In fact, the New Mexico Department of Transportation has issued some driving tips for those who are venturing out in winter weather, in hopes that car accidents will be avoided. As a recent report outlined, NMDOT advised drivers to be aware of the weather conditions in their area. Snow and freezing rain, for example, can limit a driver’s visibility and cause road surfaces to become slippery.

NMDOT also advised drivers to slow down when they are commuting in winter weather and to maintain an appropriate distance between their vehicle and other vehicles on the road. This includes maintaining a safe distance from vehicles such as large trucks and semis, which can create “snow clouds” in their wake. Drivers should also be aware of vehicles around them and adjust their travel plans to allow for more time during a routine commute, since winter weather conditions can make a trip take longer.

Unfortunately, despite all of these warnings, the reality is that many car accidents will occur during the latest bout of winter weather in New Mexico. For those who have suffered injuries in these collisions, it may be prudent to consider a personal injury claim.