New Mexico residents have likely heard the saying that someone needs to learn something “the hard way.” Well, according to a recent report, that saying apparently applies to millions of Americans when it comes to distracted driving, particularly using a cellphone while driving.

The report noted that a study conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found that a drastic increase in cellphone use while driving is happening in America. From 2014 to 2018, the study found that 57 percent more drivers are reaching for their cellphone while driving. If that estimate is true, all those on the roads in New Mexico and throughout the country should be on the lookout for drivers who are endangering themselves and others by using their cellphones while driving.

Furthermore, people aren’t necessarily just talking on their cellphones while driving. In fact, people are talking on their cellphones less than they used to, but are using their cellphones more for other activities, such as text messaging and using the Internet. So, not only are their minds distracted, their visual and cognitive abilities are distracted as well. Private and public awareness campaigns are doing what they can to get people to recognize the danger of this negligent and reckless conduct, but people just aren’t paying attention.

Studies like this recent one can make a person wonder what it will take to see a change in this national plague. These drivers cause thousands of accidents throughout the country each year, injuring people and destroying lives. Such drivers may be held accountable through a personal injury lawsuit.