It is an unfortunate reality that, each year, thousands of car accidents occur in New Mexico. Hundreds of thousands more occur throughout the country. For as much as car companies are designing new safety features to protect drivers and passengers, nowadays there are more distractions that are causing car accidents, regardless of safety features. The distraction of cellphones, in particular, is turning back years of progress and leading to more car accidents than we have seen in previous years.

The aftermath of a serious car accident can be chaotic. There may be serious damage to the vehicles involved, as well as serious injuries to drivers and passengers who were in the vehicles. There are certain steps that all involved need to take in the aftermath of a car accident, the first of which is to stay at the scene in order to report pertinent information to law enforcement officials who will be called upon to investigate the crash.

As law enforcement officers arrive and begin their investigation, it is important for the parties involved to exchange contact and insurance information. From there, it is also crucial to talk to any witnesses to the crash and get their contact information as well, as those individuals may be called upon later on to give their version of events, particularly if the injured victims who were involved in the crash decide to pursue a personal injury lawsuit. Photographs of the accident scene should be taken as well.

Anyone who was injured in the accident should, of course, focus first and foremost on the treatment of those injuries. Injured victims should be sure to keep track of their medical bills and what treatment they are receiving, as that information will need to be proven in any personal injury lawsuit.