Some of our readers in New Mexico likely have family members or friends whose lives have been forever changed due to a traumatic brain injury, also known as a TBI. Many people who suffer a TBI were the victim of a personal injury accident, like a car or motorcycle accident. Those victims, even if they recover to the fullest extent allowable by their injury, may never be the same. With the holiday season approaching, victims of a TBI may have more concerns about managing their symptoms and resultant disabilities.

A recent article noted some tips that can help TBI victims as they get through the holiday season, which is oftentimes oversaturated with stimuli-filled events and get-togethers. Overstimulation can stress an already injured brain, hindering a TBI victim’s ability to function as they normally would. Those victims can also become fatigued more easily due to overexertion and interactions with other people during the holidays.

For starters, the recent article recommended that TBI victims stay hydrated and get more rest than they usually do. These are simple ways of taking extra care of an already injured body and, potentially, mind. TBI victims can also do their best to make lists of the places they are supposed to go and tasks they are supposed to complete, so as to stay on target with their daily goals.

Of course, perhaps the best tip of all is to avoid overdoing it when it comes to stimuli-filled interactions. We all want to visit with family and friends during the holiday season, but this can simply be too much for some TBI victims. This is just another example of how a traumatic brain injury can change life forever for a personal injury victim.