We all have seen media reports about personal injury lawsuits before, as car accidents and medical malpractice cause thousands of injuries to Americans everywhere each year, including in New Mexico. However, the cases that involve injuries to children are some of the worst. Injuries to children are a parent’s worst fear.

Parents in New Mexico trust other individuals with their children’s care every day. For most people, the main source of trust is placed in our community’s schools. After all, many children spend the vast majority of their time at school, including before and after regular school hours for extracurricular activities. Parents trust the employees at a child’s school with the child’s well-being.

Unfortunately, children in New Mexico are susceptible to suffering from an injury while on school grounds. There may have been a dangerous condition on school property that caused the injury, or the child in question may have been bullied by another student or even abused by a faculty member or school staff member. When these types of injuries occur, a legal case may need to be filed against the school.

No matter how or where an injury to a child occurs, the parents of the injured child may be facing an increased financial burden from the medical expenses associated with the injury. If the fault for the injury lies with another party, a lawsuit might be necessary in order to attempt to recover financial compensation. For more information about how our law firm attempts to help New Mexico residents who are facing these types of circumstances, please visit the child injury section of our website.