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Man seriously injured in hit-and-run accident

When Albuquerque residents think of motor vehicle accidents, they probably envision those that involve two cars or a car and a truck. But, car accidents can take many forms and involve a variety of different vehicles, bicycles and even pedestrians. Those who are without the protections afforded by a motor vehicle, like a car or truck, which might include air bags and structural designs, are often at an increased risk of being injured or killed in one of these crashes. This means that the physical, emotional and financial damages thrust upon them can be crippling.

Man slips on chile, files premises liability lawsuit

Most Albuquerque residents have been to the grocery store and notice something spilled. Whether it is soda, juice, milk, eggs, sugar or even something like a jar of pickles, these items can create a slippery floor. When unsuspecting customers step on these spills, they can slip and fall, resulting in serious injuries.

Untreated sleep apnea can cause serious truck accident

Tired drivers are dangerous drivers. Their ability to quickly react to changing road conditions can be seriously compromised, increasing the chances that they will cause a serious car accident. Unfortunately, when these accidents involve semi-trucks, the results can be horrific, leaving victims with extensive damages that can be challenging, if not impossible, to overcome.

The right approach to wrongful death cases in Albuquerque

There's a lot at stake in a wrongful death lawsuit. For a surviving family member, the outcome of the case can have a profound impact on one's feeling of closure and justice. For the other side, the matter can have drastic consequences for a defendant's reputation. Additionally, both sides have a lot of financial stakes involved when dealing with one of these legal claims.

Why should I consider a wrongful death lawsuit?

After unexpectedly losing a loved one, the last thing you may want to think about is money. After all, the emotional pain caused to you may be overwhelming and difficult to cope with. This is completely understandable. Yet, in your time of grief you are probably also feeling anger at whoever is responsible for your loved one's passing. This one reason to focus on pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit, if the facts justify it.

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