A recent accident has rocked the Albuquerque area. If you’ve been following the news at all, then you’ve probably heard about the wreck involving a semi-truck and a Greyhound bus that left eight people dead and more than 30 people injured. Reports indicate that the wreck occurred when one of the semi-truck’s tires blew out, causing it to swerve across the median and into oncoming traffic. It was at that time that the semi-truck smashed into the bus.

The aftermath of the accident was chaotic, and investigators will probably continue to look into the accident for some time to come. While the initial cause of the accident may seem apparent, that being a sudden and unexpected tire blowout, the truth of the matter may be hidden much deeper.

This is because many truck accidents are caused by either negligent driving or negligent truck maintenance. Trucks that are improperly maintained can fail while on the road, which in turn can cause devastating accidents like the one mentioned above. Negligent maintenance can affect any aspect of a truck, too. Brakes may fail, trailers may become disconnected or tires and wheels may fall off or blow out. Sometimes truck accidents are caused by negligent truckers who are overtired, fatigued, intoxicated or distracted.

While it can’t be said with any certainty at this point whether negligence played a role in this particular accident, it is worth investigating it further, as is the case with all truck accidents. Because victims can suffer extensive damages in these wrecks, it is usually in their best interests to pursue compensation from anybody whose negligence may have contributed to their harm.