Cancer is one of those medical conditions that affects the lives and families of countless individuals. We all wish there was a cure for every type of cancer, but the sad reality is that the medical field has not reached that point yet. However, with quick and accurate diagnoses, effective treatment can be possible. In some instances, such treatment can beat cancer. In others, it can extend the life of an individual as well as improve their quality of life. Sadly, however, far too often medical professionals fail to accurately or timely diagnose this condition, resulting in a decreased chance of survival and, sometimes, death.

This is sometimes seen in the case of colon cancer. Generally speaking, individuals over the age of 50 should be screened for the disease on a yearly basis. Those who are more at risk, including those of African-American descent and those who have a family history of colon cancer, should be screened on a yearly basis even earlier. The most common test performed to detect colon cancer is the colonoscopy. Blood tests can also be utilized to detect abnormalities that may be indicative of the presence of colon cancer.

However, these tests are only as effective as those who are ordering them, administering them and interpreting the results. Therefore, medical professionals who are negligent in carrying out any of these duties may be held liable for any resulting damages. In the instance in which a patient dies as a result, this means that the victim’s family may be able to recover compensation for medical expenses, funeral costs, lost wages and non-economic damages.

A wrongful death lawsuit can be extremely complex depending on the facts at hand, and the defense in one of these cases may be aggressive and thorough. New Mexico residents who are considering pursuing a wrongful death case need to carefully think about how best to put on evidence to support their position.