If you live in Albuquerque, then you know that its warm weather can make it ideal for year-round bicycling. Cyclists can be seen on just about any roadway and at any time of day. Motorists are expected to share the road with these bicyclists, but too often this doesn’t happen. The results are often nothing short of tragic.

One of these bicycle accidents recently occurred in Albuquerque when the driver of a truck rear-ended a bicyclist. The driver fled the scene, and law enforcement continues to search for the hit-and-run driver.

While the city has implemented a number of bicycle lanes in an attempt to make cyclists more visible and motorists more aware, there is still more that can be done. One city official thinks that mandated education for drivers regarding pedestrian and bicycle safety could be beneficial. Others think that continuous education of cyclists will better inform them about how to remain visible while riding, as well as the importance of following traffic signals.

While all of this talk could lead to changes that improve safety in the long-term, such conversations often overlook those who have already been injured in one of these accidents. For them, the focus after an accident is receiving medical treatment and trying to reclaim the quality of life they enjoyed prior to the accident. The focus may then shift toward how to make ends meet, as medical bills and lost wages can cause a significant hit to a person’s financial well-being. Talk about safety will do nothing to alleviate these damages. A personal injury lawsuit, however, pursued with the assistance of a legal advocate, may make a difference. If successful on one of these claims, liability can be imposed, accountability found and compensation recovered. Perhaps once those matters are taken care of, bicycle accident victims will have more time, energy and resources to devote to the issue as it exists on the societal scale.