Most people who visit friends or social acquaintances do so without fear for their own safety and well-being. Who would worry about it? But, just because you don’t expect to be hurt while on the property of another person doesn’t mean that you won’t be. In fact, many people suffer harm while doing some of the most innocuous activities while visiting with others, such as celebrating a holiday.

The full extent of harm suffered in these cases, whether through a slip-and-fall or due to an attack caused by inadequate lighting or security, can be immense. In addition to the physical pain and suffering that can be inflicted upon a victim, emotional harm can take a toll as well. Making matters worse, these injuries often leave victims facing extensive medical expenses and, when they are unable to work, lost wages. Victims of these types of accidents may be able to recover compensation for their damages.

In premises liability cases, victims need to establish a duty of care owed to victims and the property owners’ negligence with regard to appropriately identifying, warning of and remedying dangerous property conditions. Of course, defense attorneys are often zealous in their efforts to show that their clients were not negligent, and their arguments are often crafty and compelling.

This is why if you have been injured while on the property of another you need to not only understand the lawsuit process, but also how to combat potential arguments that may be raised by the defense. Our law firm helps our clients gather documentary evidence as well as questioning both favorable and unfavorable witnesses in a way that support our clients’ positions. If you want to learn more about premises liability claims and what we can offer in your pursuit of compensation, please visit our law firm’s website.