Our society holds doctors and nurses in high esteem for their knowledge, skill and quick thinking that often leads to life-saving interventions. While many medical professionals carry out their duties in a competent fashion, a fair number of them fail to do so at times. A doctor or nurse who negligently conducts care can put patients’ lives at risk, as evidenced by one recent wrongful death lawsuit.

According to a recent report, the family of a woman who died from lung cancer filed a lawsuit against the woman’s doctors and their medical group for failing to diagnose her medical condition. Records indicate that the woman received a chest X-ray that detected a mass in her lung, but her doctor deemed it a “non-specific density” that was normal. Another doctor who later took up the woman’s care failed to consider the X-ray and its implications, and the woman was later diagnosed with lung cancer. She died less than a year later.

A jury found in the surviving family’s favor, awarding them considerable compensation for their losses, which included the victim’s pain and suffering and loss of life, as well as the family’s grief and sorrow. Although this money will not bring their loved one back, it will help them obtain a sense of justice and closure, while punishing those medical professionals who acted negligently when their skills were most needed.

Sadly, these types of cases are not uncommon. Many New Mexico residents are subjected to medical malpractice, sometimes resulting in wrongful death. Those who lost a loved one to medical neglect may be able to recover compensation for their damages.