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Why are you less worried about car accidents than shark attacks?

Do you have any specific fears that come up in certain situations? Maybe you worry about the risk of a shark attack every time you swim in the ocean. Maybe hiking in the mountains makes you think about bear attacks. Perhaps going outside in a storm makes you very nervous about getting hit by lightning.

Standing up for those hurt by hazardous property conditions

Most people who visit friends or social acquaintances do so without fear for their own safety and well-being. Who would worry about it? But, just because you don't expect to be hurt while on the property of another person doesn't mean that you won't be. In fact, many people suffer harm while doing some of the most innocuous activities while visiting with others, such as celebrating a holiday.

Failure to diagnose lung cancer results in wrongful death lawsuit

Our society holds doctors and nurses in high esteem for their knowledge, skill and quick thinking that often leads to life-saving interventions. While many medical professionals carry out their duties in a competent fashion, a fair number of them fail to do so at times. A doctor or nurse who negligently conducts care can put patients' lives at risk, as evidenced by one recent wrongful death lawsuit.

Hit-and-run pedestrian accident leaves New Mexico woman dead

Pedestrians in Albuquerque shouldn't have to fear for their lives simply because they are walking to or from work or school, or because they are out for a leisurely stroll. Yet, negligent and otherwise dangerous drivers sometimes put these unsuspecting individuals at risk of harm. Too often the result is a serious pedestrian accident that leaves victims with extensive injuries. In the worst cases, victims are killed.

Injured celebrating Fourth of July? Consider premises liability

Fourth of July celebrations are now over, but some New Mexico residents may still may be feeling the effects of a celebration gone wrong. Although there were several restrictions on the use of fireworks this year, many individuals still celebrated Fourth of July festivities by setting fireworks off. In some instances, the use of these fireworks resulted in unexpected injuries. Those people who have been injured by fireworks may be able to pursue compensation for the damages they have suffered by filing a premises liability lawsuit.

Does your landlord refuse to make repairs?

One of the few perks you wanted when you decided to rent a home, rather than buying one, is that you get a landlord who has to do upkeep and make repairs. It takes a lot of work off of your plate. When a pipe bursts or an AC unit breaks down, you do not have to fix it or pay for it.

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