Unexpectedly losing a loved one is nothing short of traumatic. When that death involves a child who never had a chance to live the full life he or she deserved, surviving family members can be utterly devastated. At a time when these families are struggling to cope with the emotional damage that has been dealt to them, they oftentimes don’t want to think about the legal action and the logistics involved. However, qualified legal professionals can help with this process in hopes of ensuring that accountability is found, justice is obtained, and compensation is recovered.

This is what one Albuquerque mother is hoping to do as she pursues a legal claim against the city of Albuquerque as well as Albuquerque Public Schools. Her son, a 12-year-old, was killed when he was struck in a crosswalk at his school by an SUV. According to police, the driver of that SUV claimed to have never seen the child. The car accident prompted immediate action by city leaders who promised to install specialized signals at the school.

In an instance like this, the victim’s family may be able to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit against the driver who caused the child’s death. After all, the motorist failed to yield at the crosswalk in question. It is worth noting, though, that the driver has yet to be charged or cited for any wrongdoing. The city and the school system may bear some responsibility for the child’s death, too, if it can be shown that they knew of the dangers posed by deficiencies with the crosswalk and, with that knowledge, failed to take action to remedy it.

Wrongful death lawsuits often have many moving parts, and they can quickly become quite complicated. A skilled legal professional can help surviving family members analyze the facts of the case at hand and determine how the law applies. Then, whether the matter proceeds to settlement negotiations and/or litigation, a competent and experienced attorney can present the aggressive legal arguments needed to support one’s position.