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Car accidents can result in herniated disk

Most car accident injuries are readily apparent. A cut that is bleeding, for example, can be quickly identified and treated by paramedics. The same holds true for broken bones and damage to muscles and tendons, in many cases. Some injuries, however, are more difficult to immediately spot, as their symptoms may not appear until days after the wreck. Whiplash may be the most common of these injuries, but the list certainly doesn't end there.

New Mexico firm holding negligent drivers accountable

A car accident can be a life-changing event. Not only can it leave you with significant property damage because of the harm caused to your vehicle, but you may also be left with serious injuries that are painful, stressful and overwhelming. Although your physical pain may be front and center in your mind in the aftermath of a car crash, there are other damages that can significantly affect your well-being.

Car accidents and noneconomic damages

Those who are injured in a car accident can suffer extensive harm in various forms. Most obviously, these victims are oftentimes subjected to serious physical injuries that leave them suffering in a lot of pain. However, typically when people talk about lawsuits they refer to economic damages such as medical expenses and lost wages. Yet, noneconomic damages can play just as important of a role in one's recovery if he or she can put forth sufficient evidence.

Wrongful death: boat accidents and their causes

The weather in Arizona is pleasant enough year-round to allow residents and tourists alike to enjoy the state's various rivers and lakes. This includes boating. Although cars and trucks seem to take most of the attention when it comes to reporting of accidents, boat accidents can be just as tragic. Individuals who are involved in these types of wrecks can suffer serious injuries, and far too often individuals die as a result.

Woman sues city and school system after child's death

Unexpectedly losing a loved one is nothing short of traumatic. When that death involves a child who never had a chance to live the full life he or she deserved, surviving family members can be utterly devastated. At a time when these families are struggling to cope with the emotional damage that has been dealt to them, they oftentimes don't want to think about the legal action and the logistics involved. However, qualified legal professionals can help with this process in hopes of ensuring that accountability is found, justice is obtained, and compensation is recovered.

6 thoughts people have right after an accident

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get in a car accident? Maybe you have had some close calls that left you clutching the steering wheel in a white-knuckled grip. Maybe you cannot imagine it at all, but you have seen the statistics and want to be ready.

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