New Mexico’s residents shouldn’t have to put their safety on the line when they enter a business or are invited onto the property of another. Unfortunately, though, many times these unsuspecting individuals are subjected to hazardous property conditions that can cause serious injuries. For example, such an incident may occur at a grocery store when spilled liquid isn’t cleaned up quickly enough and customers are not warned of it. Here, a customer may slip and fall, getting hurt as a result.

Although victims of these incidences may be able to impose liability and recover compensation for their injuries, they must prove certain legal elements. Additionally, they need to ask themselves some questions to determine if their claim has been jeopardized. For example, did the property owner know that the victim was on the property? Was the victim invited onto the property? Also, would a reasonable person in the same position as the victim have taken any additional steps to identify the hazard and avoid the injurious incident? Were there any warnings about the hazard? Was the victim engaging in any other acts that would have contributed to his or her injuries?

The answers to these questions can help prepare a legal claim. Although these answers may raise some weaknesses, it is best to address them early so that one’s claim is not at an increased risk of being unsuccessful. Once claim weaknesses are identified, a victim can work to find physical evidence and witness testimony that supports their claim.

Premises liability claims can be hotly contested. After all, there may be a defendant’s reputation and financial well-being on the line. Therefore, those who have been injured while on the property of another need to carefully consider whether they would benefit from the assistance of a skilled legal professional.