Summer break is just around the corner for New Mexico’s children, which means people are likely to see many more children out and about. Many of these kids, oftentimes with their parents, can be found at local parks and playgrounds. These spaces can provide a great opportunity for children to interact with their friends, expend some energy, and give their parents a few minutes’ worth of break. Although most of us don’t think twice about the safety of playgrounds, New Mexico’s parents need to take heed that they can oftentimes be places full of danger.

In fact, the CDC indicates that more than 200,000 kids aged 14 and younger report to the emergency room each year for injuries that are suffered on a playground. The types of injuries suffered can vary, but they often include broken bones, such as wrists and ankles. Sometimes children can even suffer serious head injuries. Although some injuries are caused by the acts of children themselves, many times the harm is the direct result of a defectively designed piece of playground equipment or an improperly maintained playground.

When these are the cause of a child’s injures, legal action may be justified. If a family can show that a child’s injuries were caused by the negligence of another, then compensation may be recoverable for medical expenses and pain and suffering. Building one of these cases takes time and legal skill, and it may include subpoenaing documentation from manufacturers and the city, as well as subpoenaing witnesses to testify.

The legalities involved in one of these cases can be difficult to navigate, which is why competent, experienced, and aggressive attorneys stand ready to help. Those who want to talk more about what they can do to recover their losses related to an injured child, as well as how to find accountability so that similar incidences don’t happen in the future, should consider speaking with one of these attorneys.