There are a number of ways in which a car accident can affect an individual. While one’s car may suffer damage, an Albuquerque car accident victim may also suffer significant physical harm as well as emotional turmoil. In turn, these damages can result in financial losses, primarily in the form of medical expenses and lost wages. It is possible to recover compensation for these damages, provided that one is successful on a personal injury claim, but imposing liability and demonstrating the full extent of one’s losses can be challenging.

As an example, take a look at lost wages. While it may be easy to determine how much one has lost in wages up until the point of litigation or settlement of a personal injury claim, it can be much more difficult to calculate future wages that may be lost as a result of the accident. Here, a victim will need to put forth evidence of the history of wage increases and promotions, as well as one’s training, education, and the average wage for those employed in his or her field. These are often ripe for argument, but it must be aggressively addressed to ensure a victim receives the money to which he or she is entitled.

There are other lost wages that should be accounted for, too. Amongst these are bonuses and commissions. Of course, a victim will have to put forth evidence demonstrating that these payments were regularly received or were reasonably expected.

Imposing liability is the first step of a personal injury lawsuit, and it can be fraught with conflict. Although pursuing this aspect of a lawsuit can be hard and succeeding on it can lead to a sense of relief, it is only part of one’s legal claim. Without strong evidence demonstrating one’s losses, recoverable compensation will be severely limited. For this reason, those who are harmed in a car accident may want to consider having legal representation that will assist them with developing a holistic claim that is aggressive and fits their unique needs.