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Trespassers may be able to succeed on premises liability claim

Those who are injured by a hazardous property condition after being invited onto the premises by its owner may be able to recover compensation for the harm they have suffered. These damages can be quite extensive, too, including hefty medical expenses and rehabilitation costs, as well as lost wages. One may also be able to recover compensation for pain and suffering. However, succeeding on a premises liability claim often requires showing that one was invited onto the property in question, a hazardous condition existed that caused the victim's injuries, and that condition should have been remedied or at least identified and warned of in a timely fashion.

Car accidents and the family car doctrine

Any driver on the road can be dangerous when they are inattentive, intoxicated, or otherwise negligent behind the wheel, but young people can pose risks based on their sheer inexperience. These drivers may quickly become overwhelmed by traffic, road, and weather conditions, which can cause their judgment to become muddled. These drivers may also engage in risky behaviors such as speeding.

Personal injury lawsuits and the discovery process

Those individuals who have been injured in a car accident can file a personal injury lawsuit against the person who caused the accident if it is believed that negligence on that person's behalf caused the wreck in question and any resulting damages suffered by the victim. On its face, a personal injury lawsuit sounds relatively easy: a victim must merely show negligence and causation by a preponderance of the evidence. However, the reality is that many of these cases are hotly contested, which is why it is important to be fully prepared before moving forward with settlement negotiations and litigation.

Things to consider before settling a wrongful death claim

Individuals who choose to file and pursue a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit often look forward to the opportunity to find accountability by imposing liability on a negligent individual or entity, but they also hope to recover compensation for the damages that have been unfairly thrust upon them. In their pursuit of closure and a favorable outcome, these individuals usually have a lot of questions. One of those questions often involves how much money may be recoverable. Of course, the circumstances of a case make all the difference, but so, too, can the way a case resolves itself.

Questions to ask before pursuing a premises liability claim

New Mexico's residents shouldn't have to put their safety on the line when they enter a business or are invited onto the property of another. Unfortunately, though, many times these unsuspecting individuals are subjected to hazardous property conditions that can cause serious injuries. For example, such an incident may occur at a grocery store when spilled liquid isn't cleaned up quickly enough and customers are not warned of it. Here, a customer may slip and fall, getting hurt as a result.

Playground-related injuries more frequent than many realize

Summer break is just around the corner for New Mexico's children, which means people are likely to see many more children out and about. Many of these kids, oftentimes with their parents, can be found at local parks and playgrounds. These spaces can provide a great opportunity for children to interact with their friends, expend some energy, and give their parents a few minutes' worth of break. Although most of us don't think twice about the safety of playgrounds, New Mexico's parents need to take heed that they can oftentimes be places full of danger.

Car accidents and calculating lost wages

There are a number of ways in which a car accident can affect an individual. While one's car may suffer damage, an Albuquerque car accident victim may also suffer significant physical harm as well as emotional turmoil. In turn, these damages can result in financial losses, primarily in the form of medical expenses and lost wages. It is possible to recover compensation for these damages, provided that one is successful on a personal injury claim, but imposing liability and demonstrating the full extent of one's losses can be challenging.

Medical mistakes lead to 10 percent of the country's deaths

You know the dangers of car accidents, gun violence and binge drinking. You know the risk you face from cancer and heart disease. You read the statistics. You watch the news. It's clear to you how people tend to pass away in the United States and why the average life expectancy is not higher.

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