It only takes the blink of an eye for one’s life to be forever changed. Oftentimes, these incidences have a ripple effect that affect an individual’s loved ones. This is particularly true when a car accident leaves an unsuspecting individual either seriously injured or dead. In cases where an individual is wrongly killed, surviving family members may be looking for a way to find justice and closure.

One Albuquerque family may be in this position now after their 12-year-old daughter was killed in a pedestrian accident near her school. The wreck occurred in northeast Albuquerque at the intersection of two streets. According to reports, the girl was crossing the street after school hours, which is a time during which motorists are not cautioned by blinking lights that the area it is a school zone.

However, one oncoming vehicle yielded to the girl, who was utilizing a crosswalk to cross the street. Another vehicle though, an SUV, did not stop. It therefore struck the girl. The victim was rushed to the hospital but later died from her injuries. An investigation into the accident is ongoing, but investigators have indicated that alcohol likely did not play a factor. Speed, on the other hand, has not been ruled out. This wreck has left the community shocked, but many have voiced concerns about the dangers posed by this specific intersection.

When a loved one is lost, the road ahead of family members is not easy. The emotional pain and suffering may be more than they can contend with. Additionally, they may have to find a way to recoup the medical expenses and funeral costs that were prematurely thrust upon them. In these situations, though, families may be able to recover extensive compensation to cover their damages. To do so, they will have to put forth strong evidence showing that the negligence of another caused the victim’s death, which isn’t always easy to do. However, with a skilled attorney by their side, these families, can develop a legal strategy that supports their position.